pregnant mamas and babies killed for research…gross. awful. nuts. were the founders of modern obstetrics murders in name of research? that’s what an article by historian Don shelton published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (JRSM) claims.

story from London Guardian

The birth of modern obstetrics was not a wholly postive thing for women or their babies – and really that’s not so good for the whole lot of us. Modern obstetrics has given us much information about what can go wrong in pregnancy and child birth, and helped us keep many many babies alive who wouldn’t make it, and many mamas having babies who wouldn’t. And, for certain those are good things.

But, it has turned pregnancy into a pathology and something that happens to a woman that she needs to be watched and treated for. That is an outrage. Pregnancy and birth are natural, transformative, life-enhancing processes. In the opinion of this mama when we start to embrace that view we bring more love into this world by being present with the process of creating life as a positive and good act that we as mamas (and papas) play a role in. It doesn’t happen to us we create it, own it, do it.

There is a great article on the renaissance of midwifery here

“Generally speaking, a fundamental difference between midwifery care and physician care at birth has to do with control. Childbirth is a complicated physiological process regulated by the woman’s nervous system. Childbirth is not under the conscious control of the woman giving birth, but rather is directed by hormones and the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system. Anything that causes fear or alarm shuts down the parasympathetic system and fires up the sympathetic nervous system (adrenaline). Any intervention that increases a laboring woman’s fear or anxiety will interfere with, slow down, or even stop the birth processes. A wise birth assistant, be it midwife, nurse, or doctor, knows how to facilitate these autonomic responses and not interfere with them. The key elements in the midwifery model of birth are normality, facilitation of natural processes (with minimal intervention), and the empowerment of the birthing woman.”

conscious empowered pregnancy, birth and parenthood can change this place we call home – local and global.


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