speak. easy. ride like you do.

After his defense of messengers, [Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago] added: “You have to be careful if you are reckless.” – thanks to the rev for his email signature!

yes, yes you do.
ain’t that the truth.
and you gotta gotta always ride like you do.

spent too many hours yesterday scouring my itunes suffering from lost song disorder.
found the song. wandered off into the pouring rain with it playing on repeat on the ipod and found my way to a speakeasy and opted out of the mulled wine (too many cloves) and card games. but, did enjoy the heavy heavy redness of some epic two buck chuck and conversation with members of iraq vets against the war. thank you guys. thank you. winter soldier participants. click that link. read the stories. and after dmz played one of my favourite songs eva – mercenary song by steve earle…i ventured back out in the drizzle and fortified my sleep with a bujon gourmet chocolate banana cupcake.

ride like you do.


~ by asmallfryup on February 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “speak. easy. ride like you do.”

  1. So how was it?

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